XS Power D3100 12V AGM 5000A

XS Power D3100 12V AGM 5000AThis battery is one of the most powerful batteries on the market. In this article, we will discuss the various aspects of this battery and help you check if the XS Power D3100 is the best battery for you. 

We will look at various features and discuss their advantages and implications so that you can make an informed choice before buying the perfect battery for you.

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The XS Power D3100 is undoubtedly one of the best 12v batteries in the market in terms of performance, durability and power. The battery has a very high cranking power as well as excellent deep cycling capacities.

The battery features almost 110Ah of deep cycling capacity which is one of the best in the market. The maximum output is rated at 5000Amps so it’s pretty amazing for long journeys or intensive loads.

This is the best battery for you if you’re looking to replace your OEM battery or just as a secondary battery just to power demanding electronics in your car such as your audio system, extra lights, etc.

The battery’s amazing AGM technology gives you durability and amazing vibration resistance. The battery is completely sealed and spill-proof. No maintenance is required whatsoever and the battery can be mounted in any position.

XS Power D3100 Features

Cranking Power

The battery has an amazing cranking power of CCA. CCA, or Cold Cranking Amps, is the measure of the cranking power of a battery. 

In simpler words, the higher the CCA, the easier it is to start the car. The engine varies from car to car. Some low-end engines don’t require as much power as a stronger engine would require. The climate and altitude play a great role too.

The colder the outside is, the harder it is to start the car. A battery that is specifically meant to start the engine is called a cranking battery and needs to exhibit a high CCA rating.

The 1360 CCA rating is pretty decent for all sorts of engines and could even be overkill for smaller and less demanding ones.

However, this battery will be exceptional for cold environments or high altitudes. A battery with great deep cycling features and no cranking power may not be the best idea if you’re looking for a primary battery for your vehicle.

AGM technology

The AGM or Advanced Glass Mat technology is one of the most popular battery technologies out there today. The electrolyte is contained in glass fibre mats instead of a liquid suspension like the traditional batteries. As a result, there is no fear of overflowing or spillage as there is fundamentally no liquid inside. 

This also makes the battery maintenance-free, as opposed to traditional batteries. This means you can mount the battery in any orientation you like without worrying about consequences.

Deep Cycling Capability

The battery exhibits an exceptional 110Ah capacity which is great in terms of deep cycling capacity. Deep cycling batteries allow discharging up to almost 80% of their total capacity unlike cranking batteries that stop working after falling below a certain threshold.

As a result, this becomes an excellent choice for powering electronics such as lights, audio systems etc. The battery is a perfect fit for RVs that need deep cycling batteries.

Reserve Capacity

The capacity of cranking batteries, unlike deep cycle batteries measured in terms of its reserve capacity, or RC. It is the number of minutes you can use a battery generating 25amps until the voltage falls below 10.5V.

This battery has 273 minutes of reserve capacity for outstanding performance. Having high reserve capacity makes sure you have enough time to crank your engine just in case something goes wrong. 

Additional Features

The battery provides excellent vibration protection and is made of solid reinforced ABS plastic which assures safety and durability. 

XS Power D3100 Drawbacks

We have already discussed what we like about this battery but there are some drawbacks that should be discussed as well.

While the battery is an excellent piece of technology, it cannot be denied that it does have a pretty steep price point which makes it unsuitable for some users. Apart from this, the battery belongs to the Group 31 family and can be pretty bulky for some smaller vehicles.

The battery does not come pre-charged and it is recommended to have it charged properly before installing it in your car. It can be an issue for some people.

So now that we have highlighted some of the overall features, let’s wrap everything up and list out the pros and cons of this battery.


  • 1360 CCA of cranking power.
  • 273 minutes of reserve capacity.
  • 110Ah of capacity.
  • AGM technology, maintenance-free.
  • Sealed and leak-proof design.


  • Expensive.
  • Bulky.

XS Power D3100 FAQ’s

How long will XS Power D3100 battery last?

 The battery is rated with a 110 Ah capacity so it should last for a decent amount of time easily, thanks to amazing deep cycling capacities. However, the battery life will greatly depend on your applications and how often you use it.

Let’s say your hourly current draw is 2 Amps, that way the battery will last for 55 hours after a full charge.

How do I charge my XS Power D3100 battery?

The battery needs to be charged before installation. You can rely on a mechanic to help you charge your battery or you can use XS Power’s HF IntelliCharger or a similar product for charging.

Does the XS Power D3100 come charged?

No. The battery does not come charged and you need to manually charge it before installation.

Can I trickle charge XS Power D3100?

The battery is an AGM battery and leaving it discharged for a long time may end up damaging the battery. In such a case, it is recommended that you use an appropriate trickle charger to stop your battery from discharging.

Final Words

Having taken close looks at both the pros and cons of this product, a few things can be taken into consideration. However it is completely true that all the factors cannot be generalized as they depend on the personal requirements and applications you’re expecting from the battery, here are some basic points you can take into account before buying this battery.

This is an excellent battery for those looking for a powerful battery either as their primary or secondary battery. This battery has good dual-purpose capacity and is great in terms of performance. However not the cheapest battery in the market which is its only drawback.