12V Deep Cycle Battery by Mighty Max Battery

Best 12v Deep Cycle BatteryIf you’re looking for a good battery that you can use worth your inverter or for similar uses, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss the Mighty Max 100AH battery.

We’ll talk about its features in detail, talk about its applications and find out if it indeed is the best battery for your requirements. 

The battery is a deep cycle battery and extremely affordable making it an excellent choice for most consumers. AGM technology provides durability and long battery life.

Let us discuss some features of the battery in detail. 

Mighty Max Battery 12V 100AH Battery Features

Deep Cycle Capacity

Deep Cycle Batteries have the capacity to discharge slowly over a long period of time, providing a steady current. A deep cycle battery can be discharged upro 80% before dying and can still be revived. 

The battery you use in your car is generally not a deep cycle battery as the main purpose is to start your engine up by providing a large amount of current in a short period of time. Such batteries are called cranking batteries. 

A good example of a deep cycle battery would be the battery you use to power electronics in your RV, considering you use a secondary battery specifically for that. The battery you hook up your inverter or use for your solar panels is also a good example of a deep cycle battery. 

The capacity of a deep cycle battery is measured in terms of amp-hours, which is the number of hours you can use the battery given you have a steady current draw. 

For example, a 100AH battery will last 20 hours with an hourly current draw of 5A. 

Deep cycle batteries are not great at cranking because they usually have a higher internal resistance than cranking batteries, allowing slow discharge at the same time obstructing quick discharging. However the batteries are great for marine vehicles as they usually do not have onboard charging apparatus and cranking batteries can die out pretty quickly.

AGM Technology

The battery exhibits an Absorbed Glass Mat technology, which is the most popular model these days. The technology eradicates the need for regular maintenance as there is no fluid inside the battery. The entire battery is completely sealed and thus quite spill proof. 

The AGM technology utilizes lead plates surrounded by glass fibre mats and this does not lose capacity irrespective of the orientation you install the battery in. This gives you excellent mobility and ease of installation. AGM batteries have also been reported to have longer battery lives than traditional batteries.

This battery also provides great vibration resistance if you wanna use it in a road vehicle. However, using it as a starting battery will not be the best idea. The battery should work fine as a secondary battery though.

Apart from these technical features, one of the other advantages the battery has is that it is extremely affordable and is of the cheapest 100AH batteries in the market. 

The battery even comes with a one year warranty and 30 refundable policy. 

Mighty Max Battery 12V 100AH Battery Drawbacks

The major drawback, however, of this battery is its incapacity to crank. The internal resistance is pretty high which can be an issue if you accidentally overcharge the battery. This can be overlooked however because the battery is not meant to be overcharged anyway. Just use the product responsibly and you’ll be fine. 

If you’re considering using it in a recreational vehicle, it is a good idea to have a cranking battery for the engine and this battery for the electronics. You may have to pair up a few of these depending on your consumption.

Before we move on to the final assessment, let’s once again have a look at the pros and cons.


  • 100 Ah rating
  • AGM technology
  • Very affordable
  • Maintenance not required
  • Spill-proof and vibration resistant


  • Bad cranking power
  • Bulky

Mighty Max Battery 12V 100AH Battery FAQ

Is there a 24V marine battery?

Yes, there is. But in most cases, two 12V batteries are coupled to obtain that result. However, not all trolling motors may need a 24V battery and it is important to see if your motor and battery are compatible with each other before making a purchase.

Do batteries in parallel last longer?

Yes When batteries are connected in parallel, the power adds up keeping the voltage the same. Hence, they run for a longer duration as the strain on each battery is lowered substantially. It is possible to connect two identical batteries in a parallel connection simply but if you’re using unidentical batteries, using a Battery Management System is recommended. 

What is the best brand of deep cycle battery?

There is no such top brand. Each brand has products with their own advantages and drawbacks and the product best for you will depend solely on your personal requirements and may differ from the best product from someone else. However, some of the popular brands are, Odyssey, Optima, MIghtyMax, ACDelco and so on.

Final Words

After taking into account, we can conclude that this battery is an excellent choice for the average consumer and has great deep cycling capabilities. It is not recommended to use this battery as a cranking battery. Some of the ideal applications will be domestic usage or using as a marine battery.