Deep Cycle Battery Run a TV

Well, are you thinking of buying a deep cycle battery to run your TV? Then you might be really confused about what kind of battery should most suitably match the needs of your television.

Making the best choice of battery isn’t that easy. Some people clash their brains with the ampere-hours or some may also consider the voltage as most important. None of us would have the same TV with the same dimensions, the same voltage, and the same watts.

Therefore it is very important that you make your calculations perfect for choosing the best deep cycle battery for your TV.

Here, we will be looking upon various parameters that should be kept in mind while buying a deep cycle battery for running a TV.

Besides, we will also be providing you with a small yet detailed piece of information about Peukert’s formula that will help you to find out the time for which a deep cycle battery would be able to run your TV.

Factors to Decide How Long Will a Deep Cycle Battery Run a TV?

Number of Watts

You might have heard this term a lot of times while buying a television. Whether it’s a smart TV, LCD or LED, the number of watts is always different for every type of TV.

Screens with 15-20 inches utilize around 15-26 watts and 21-32 inches will take up to 26-70 watts. Whereas, larger screens with 32-55 inches will take 55-150 watts of energy.

These are some basic values and you must know the exact number of watts that your television uses. This number is always written on the carton and if you do not have that, you can check it on the internet by searching for the name and model of your TV.


This is probably the most important thing that one looks for while purchasing a battery. The rating for amp-hours is again very much variable amongst different brands with different models of batteries. It tells you the value for amperes of current that can be drawn from a battery over a specific value of hours.

For example – If you have a battery with 100 amp-hour ratings then it can provide you a current of 1 ampere for 100 hours. Or 2 amperes for 50 hours or 4 amperes for 25 hours.

Hence, it is very clear that it all depends on the value of amperes that your appliance is drawing per hour in order to check how long a battery can provide power without fail.


Voltage value for both, your T.V and the battery is important to be kept in mind. For clearly defining this, we should mention that you can never run a TV with 12v voltage on a battery that can only provide the power of 10V.

If the voltage value for the battery goes beyond the value for the TV, it’s fine. But, the value of the battery should never be less than that of TV. Always buy a battery that is capable of providing the power that is required by your appliance.

Peukert’s Formula

Peukert's Formula

So, we listed all the things that one should take note of before buying a deep cycle battery for running a television.

With this, here comes Peukert’s formula:

Battery Time = 20 ((AH / (Amps Drawn * 20))^k)

Battery time – It is the number of hours for which a deep cycle battery can run a TV.

AH – It is an abbreviation for ampere-hours. Here you should put down the value of the ampere-hour rating of your deep cycle battery.

k – It is the Peukert’s constant. The value for which is 1.1 for AGM deep cycle batteries and 1.2 for flooded/traditional batteries.

You need to do nothing but just put on all the values and find the answer. Use a calculator for more accuracy.

Another important thing that you should check is the size of the inverter with which you are operating your battery. If you have got a new inverter with 85% efficiency or even more, it may extend the number of hours for which your battery will be running your TV.

Final Words

In this article, we tried to mention all the important stuff that one should know before getting a deep cycle battery for their TV.

And last but not the least, Peukert’s formula is the best ever known way that can be used to find out the number of hours or the efficiency of a deep cycle battery in accordance with the appliance for which you are getting the battery for.

We hope that you have got the answer to “How long will a deep cycle battery run a TV?”.